They are too busy to write you a fake doctor's note.

They are too busy to write you a fake dr. note.

The power of the fake excuse note.

Every so often the world will throw a few hurdles our way and life can become a little overwhelming. In times like these, we need a break; a reprieve if you will. Whether it be work, school or some other personal obligation, occasionally we need to take a time-out (I know I certainly do). We need a means to avoid the usual obligations and focus on issues that are important to us; our health, our happiness or our family. What should you do?
A physician’s note is the usual go to for such scenarios. Many work-places and schools consider them mandatory. Sometimes however, such notes may be difficult, inconvenient or perhaps near impossible to attain. A trip to the doc can be expensive and often require a large time commitment. Thankfully, there’s an alternative.

You’re Not the Only One

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics, 3.5 million Americans missed work in January alone last year. Reasons varied from illness, injury, medical appointment or appointment. As most workplaces require a physician’s note for missing work, that’s a lot of visits to the local clinic. That’s not even taking into account the number of sick days taken from school…
The fact is, everybody needs a day off from time to time. Millions of others are in the same boat as you and I. Traditionally, the only way to get that time off successfully, is with the approval of a local doc. In the modern day, with our current healthcare system, that doesn’t always work. People are starting to look for an alternative.

Obtaining a Fake Dr. Note Online

Its times like these you can be grateful for living in the age of the internet. Fake notes are available online and can provide many of the benefits of a real dr. note without the hassle. The popularity of these has skyrocketed in recent times and for good reason.
These notes are available to download instantly and can provide a fast and cost-effective alternative. No more waiting rooms and no more unnecessary explanations.

There are a number of scenarios where obtaining a fake Medical Dr. note may prove beneficial;

– You’re sick: The last thing you feel like doing when you’re ill is heading down to sit in the local doctor’s clinic for 3 hours. A great alternative is to rest up, get better and get a realistic physician’s note online.
– You’re stressed and need a timeout: Our busy lives and hectic schedules often leave us feeling stressed and burnt-out. It pays to take time off occasionally to unwind and re-invigorate ourselves. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to be spending that time at a medical centre… You must remember that your health comes first. Your performance suffers otherwise, not only at work, but across all aspects of life. You’re doing yourself a favour.
– You need to spend time with family: Our families are the most important part of our lives and we should be spending as much time as possible with them. Whether it be a family member that is sick, needs help or just to spend a day with, family comes before work or school.
– There’s a special event you don’t want to miss: Life is short and certain events only come round once. It may be a friend’s wedding, a networking seminar to progress your career or simply the opportunity to spend some quality time with your partner. These are often the times that make life worthwhile.

Beware the free lunch: Is a  Free Fake Physician’s Note OK to Use?

Nothing in life is truly free. Don't make the "Free" doctor's note mistake.

Nothing in life is truly free. Don’t make the “Free” physician’s note mistake.

As with anything in life, you should be wary of products or services that are advertised for free. Fake physician’s notes are no exception. There are numerous websites offering freebies in this field but there are a few problems associated with them.
First and foremost, most are of low quality and look, well…fake. Keep in mind, producing a low quality note for your teacher or boss can get you in a great deal of trouble. It may potentially result in you being fired or suspended. Why take the risk?
There are various components of a medical note that indicate authenticity; watermarks, signatures, terminology and various other factors. Free templates simply don’t demonstrate the necessary research to ensure an adequate standard is produced.
Thankfully, there are sites where you can obtain a realistic, verifiable and inexpensive dr. note online. When you compare the low cost of these to the value you receive, you’ll realise it’s pointless to go for the free option. They not only look real, they have been proven in the field. Many will even provide a verification service for those ultra-suspicious bosses.

Benefits of Purchasing a Quality Fake Dr. Note

These documents can be found online for a very affordable price.

These documents can be found online for a very affordable price.

My mum always imbued me with the phrase “Quality pays”. This case is no exception. There are numerous advantages to purchasing a dr. note from a reliable source;
• Cost Effective: Save a pricey trip to the physicians. No consultation fees and no prescriptions required. Obtaining the notes online is a significantly cheaper alternative.
• Time Effective: Get the notes instantly, when you need them. We all know the experience of sitting in a doc’s waiting room for hours… remember; time is our most valuable asset!
• Convenient: Download the notes from your own computer, in your own home. No hassle, no worries.
• Versatile: Customise the note(s) to suit whatever situation you require. You know your workplace or school better than anyone, you know what will likely work and what won’t.
• Verifiable: When you find a quality site, you can rest assured a great deal of effort has gone into ensuring the fakes notes look legitimate. This is the big difference between paying for a quality product and downloading one for free. Look out for websites that guarantee their products. These are the sites worth dealing with.

Yes, you could potentially make a fake medical professional’s note yourself. Before you do though, ask yourself if you’re willing to put in the time to research and study the regulations required to make an adequate forgery. How about crafting a forgery of your own to skip class? I’ve been there and trust me; it’s just not worth it.

Now consider the idea of spending a few extra dollars to save yourself the time and the hassle. Not only will you have those saved hours at your disposal, you’ll likely have a far more effective dr. note than if you chose to tackle the task yourself.

Times are Changing, Fast.