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Acromegalic Gigantism

This disease can only be described as both scary yet magnificent. People who have this condition could grow to enormous heights. See how this affects the people with this illness and the people around...

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Fake Doctors Excuse Notes Work Wonders

If you are like most, you whole-heartedly appreciate that you have a job and means by which to support yourself and perhaps a family. However, the daily grind gets old. You may have hit the point where you need a day for yourself. You can’t afford to take the day off, but you’re not sure you can go to work another day without a break. This is a day for a fake doctors note. Get Fake Physician’s Notes For Your Mental Health Day Even your boss would have to admit that a mental health day now and then is good for the body, the brain, the soul, and an employee’s productivity. He or she will not likely grant a mental health day, however, and choosing to take one could get you docked pay for the day or even fired. This is why fake physician’s notes exist; they get you the rest you need with no negative repercussions. Read more about doctor’s notes at our home page.  You Can’t Argue With Faux Physician’s Notes Your boss will not contest your physician’s notes, and if he or she calls the number of the note, he will learn very little, given that the HIPPA laws forbid the staff at a medical office from divulging information about their patients. Of course, fake doctors notes are not tools you want to use every week, or...

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Fake Doctors Excuses Help You Get The Time Off You Deserve

There is really no reason to waste a sick day being sick. Whether you are trying not to lose a day’s wages or trying not to lose your job, fake dr. excuses / notes can help you get the time off you need without the negative repercussions that usually come with your actions. Most employers look down on days off, especially when they are unplanned. However, there are going to be those days that you just cannot get your self to go to work. On days like these, you need to find a fake dr. form to appease your superiors at work or at school. Get Away With it By Turning In Fake Physician’s Excuses Your employer or professor may suspect you are lying, but with what looks like a legitimate physicians note, you will be home free. You can enjoy a day in the garden, a day on the golf green, or a day doing exactly what you want. When you return, you can turn in “proof” that you spent the whole day in the emergency room. In fact, if you add a little cough to your fake dr. note, you may be luck enough to get a little extra time to make up the work you have missed.  HIPPA Laws Help Legitimize Dr Excuses According to HIPPA laws, the staff at the hospital or in medical offices can share...

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You Don’t Need To Be Feigning Illness To Need A Fake Doctors Note

Pretending to be sick is not the only reason you might need a fake dr note. As you are probably aware, not every illness requires a trip to the dr or to the emergency room. Unfortunately, there are a number of employers and school administrators who will not excuse an absence without a physician’s note. It is circumstances like these that demand creativity and an effective template for a free doctors excuse. Fake Pediatrician Note: Use for Evidence of Legitimate Illness You thought it was a cold, but it has gotten much worse. Now you have a fever along with your stuffy nose and chest congestion, and you really just want to stay in bed. The idea of going to a dr. seems almost impossible, but without a dr. note, your employer will never believe you were really sick. You can stay in bed and when you are ready to return to work, simply print out a fake psychiatrist form to turn in to your employer. You know you are doing nothing wrong because you really were sick. Read more about fake doctor’s notes here. Migraines And Dr Excuses Victims of migraines should not need a fake medical professional’s excuse to miss work. If you have had migraines, you know that these are not just ordinary headaches; migraines can be debilitating. If you are being treated by a physician...

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