A fake doctors note can come in real handy for work or school.

A fake dr note can come in real handy for work or school.

Pretending to be sick is not the only reason you might need a fake dr note. As you are probably aware, not every illness requires a trip to the dr or to the emergency room. Unfortunately, there are a number of employers and school administrators who will not excuse an absence without a physician’s note. It is circumstances like these that demand creativity and an effective template for a free doctors excuse.

Fake Pediatrician Note: Use for Evidence of Legitimate Illness

You thought it was a cold, but it has gotten much worse. Now you have a fever along with your stuffy nose and chest congestion, and you really just want to stay in bed. The idea of going to a dr. seems almost impossible, but without a dr. note, your employer will never believe you were really sick. You can stay in bed and when you are ready to return to work, simply print out a fake psychiatrist form to turn in to your employer. You know you are doing nothing wrong because you really were sick. Read more about fake doctor’s notes here.

Migraines And Dr Excuses

Victims of migraines should not need a fake medical professional’s excuse to miss work. If you have had migraines, you know that these are not just ordinary headaches; migraines can be debilitating. If you are being treated by a physician for migraines, you already have a strategy for when one shows up; you need not return for medical attention every time you suffer from a migraine. However, when you say “migraine,” your boss thinks “headache” and tags you as lazy. A well worded dr. notes will legitimize your experience and ensure that you do not lose a day’s pay when you were truly sick.

Monthly Physician Notes

Many women suffer monthly with excruciating cramping and/or heavy monthly periods. No boss, especially a male one, will understand why this might keep you from coming to work. But if you are a woman who is affected by these symptoms, you know that going to work or school is sometimes impossible. You don’t need to see your family dr, and you certainly do not need to go to the hospital. What you need is a day of rest, and that is what you can get with the help of a fake medical excuse note.

Choosing The Right Dr Note

When you set out to find a fake physician excuse that suits your needs, you must keep a few points in mind. Remember that you are only taking a day or two, so you do not want to use medical slips that state that you have an ongoing illness. A simple diagnosis of the flu or something similar is quite simple. It is important to keep it simple in order to prevent arousing suspicion. Appropriate dr. excuses will be brief and harbor just enough information to satisfy your employer. If you are still at a loss, you can find samples of free dr. excuse forms online. Remember that you really were sick, so you do not want to take the chance with a hand written fake physician’s note.